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About Us

Elemental Management Group specializes in the management, facilitation, operations of assisted living facilities, residential care centers, and rehabilitation and nursing centers. We have redefined the industry through successful team development, use of technology, progressive service and being a strong community partner.

Contact our team to learn about how our services can transform your facility into organizational excellence and achieve "life in balance" for your residents.


  • A/R Billing and Collections
  • A/P Services
  • Cash Management and Cash Planning Services
  • Recruitment and Retention Services – The charge for recruitment and retention is $____per bed.
  • Payroll and HR Services
  • G/L Management
  • Budgeting Services
  • Generating Profit and Loss Statements
  • Purchasing Services
  • General Operational Support and Consulting
  • Corporate Compliance Oversight
  • Food Service Management
  • Admissions and Marketing Support

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